Supporting both primary and secondary schools to make science outstanding and supporting pupil aspirations into STEM careers.

STEM: science, technology, engineering and maths

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“The STEM workforce is exploding and is expected to continue to grow well into the future … that is why STEM education is vital to the careers of the future” – STEM Education Coalition


“Engineering is vital to growth and the re-balancing of our economy … we need to encourage people from all backgrounds to pursue STEM careers. Getting young people interested in STEM careers is a priority for government” – David Willetts


“We still need more scientists and mathematicians to meet the demands of our growing economy” - Nick Gibb


We are all aware of the national problem that the STEM agenda was set up to address nearly 20 years ago now. Namely, that there is a recruitment and retention crisis in industries that require science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). These STEM employers are vital to the economy and are growing at double the pace of non-STEM industries (although even these require STEM skills to function). For example, 44% of STEM employers reported difficulties recruiting in 2015 and the problem will only get worse as the number of potential jobs continue grow, an aging skilled workforce retires and the qualification entry requirement goes up to keep pace of change (the ‘skills gap’). Added to this is the relative low numbers of women attracted into STEM careers (only 13% of the workforce) and we have a crisis on our hands that will significantly slow the future prosperity of our country.


Things are improving, but not nearly fast enough to keep pace with demand and compete with other countries. On a local North East level, STEM careers are growing faster than most areas yet we have relatively high youth unemployment. Education needs be part of the solution and not a cause to the problem. We need to work effectively with STEM employers to contextualise learning, create the right local pathways and support families to change aspiration. STEM interventions also need to happen much earlier than are currently happening. STEM needs to be an integral culture in both primary and secondary schools.


The STEM packages available provide a wide range of opportunities and, when taken in strategic combinations, can offer your department or school unique and effective STEM interventions. They are designed for both primary and secondary phases, raise STEM awareness and aspiration, support progression and transition and allow teachers to effectively build STEM career support into the curriculum.


I have significant experience developing and integrating effective STEM programmes into the curriculum and on a whole school level over many years. I have supported schools directly to build programmes, supported schools indirectly by providing leadership and training to STEM coordinators and supported regional STEM Hubs to develop effective curriculum based activities through a huge range of STEM employers. I have worked in the area of STEM for many years as both a Local Authority and an independent consultant



STEM Events


A 'STEM Event' is a hands-on, workshop based event aimed at creating STEM career awareness and progression route information for whole year groups or Key Stages from KS2 through to KS5.


I would work with your school to bring local employers, providers and higher education ambassadors, representing a wide range of STEM careers from around the North East of England, to your school. Each career-type would put on workshops that pupils will choose to attend during the event. Progression workshops for higher education and apprenticeship pathways can also be included to support yrs 9 to 11.


STEM Events can be for a morning session (3 workshops per pupil) and / or an afternoon (2 workshops per pupil). Each session would typically showcase ten to twelve different workshops from a wide range of STEM career types. The careers showcased can be chosen to fit the local employment or career aspirations of the pupils and would be supported by representatives from our vast database of willing industry contacts.


Some schools who choose to put on a full day STEM Event typically host a KS4 year group in the morning (STEM workshops and progression workshops), followed by a KS3 year group in the afternoon. Each Event can also support staff awareness of STEM careers and develop links which could be used to bring STEM into the curriculum.


STEM Events are limited to schools within the North East of England at present.

Prices: Half day STEM Event = £700; Full day STEM Event = £1000



Supporting the Leadership of STEM in your School


STEM is a whole school priority. Traditionally, STEM coordinators came from science or maths departments and had little influence outside of their own subject. STEM developments in school would most effectively be supported by a STEM coordinator (with additional non-contact time to develop projects and build employer relationships), supported by an enthusiastic Senior Leader (to make things happens), supported by a STEM-link governor (to evaluate performance and support STEM partners). STEM requires the full support of the school leadership and needs to be written into appraisal and the School Development Plan.


I can support you with all levels of STEM leadership and effective systems to make STEM work in your school. I can provide training CPD for leaders, staff and STEM assemblies for pupils across all Key Stages.


Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ or ‘half-days’ of support. Each day’s support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary) and a half-day costs £170. The number of days will be determined by your requirements.



Supporting STEM Interventions in Schools


STEM impacts directly on education. As well as seeing national changes such as the current changes to improve standards at all Key Stages and reporting measures both pre and post-16. There is a national will to encourage more pupils in STEM subjects, achieve higher than ever before and prevent the ‘leaky pipeline’ of students as they move into and through post-16 STEM pathways.


However, there is an imperative that we all support our pupils to be employable in this changing career landscape. We can do this in a number of ways. For example:

• Build awareness and aspiration to go into STEM careers by linking with STEM employers

• Ensure achievement is high and appropriate.

• Curriculum pathways support entry at all levels into STEM careers

• Support key employability skills

• Encourage families to engage in STEM activities

• Target key interventions to encourage more girls into STEM subjects and careers

• Work in partnership with other schools/employers, local STEM hubs and national bodies (such as the National STEM Learning Centre, Science Learning Centres, national organisations, etc).


I can support your school with all of these STEM interventions. I have relationship links to a huge number of local, national and international STEM employers based in this region and can also support you to link into local and national databases of potential STEM partners.


I have developed all of these strategies with a large number of schools, both primary and secondary. I am currently directly supporting the Ashington Learning Partnership Trust of schools to become a regional centre of excellence for primary STEM. As this develops, this website will allow you to link into the range of CPD opportunities that will become available; allowing you to see STEM interventions in practice, in the classroom, that lead to improved outcomes for pupils.


I am also an associate consultant for the National STEM Learning Centre in York linking you with the latest research, CPD and funded support.


Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ or ‘half-days’ of support. Each day’s support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary) and a half-day costs £170. The number of days will be determined by your requirements.



Linking You to STEM Providers in Your Region


As a STEM consultant I am skilled at building the best range of STEM employer/provider partners to work effectively with your school. I can support your STEM coordinators or work directly to build a programme of effective activities that will have a sustainable and long lasting effect on pupil aspirations.


I can support you to develop and link you with providers for after-school STEM clubs.


I am currently supporting a new Northumberland STEM Hub being set up in the Blyth/Ashington area. This is an exciting project utilising purpose built STEM training rooms at the Port of Blyth and their extensive world-leading offshore and inshore STEM industries to deliver contextualised lessons designed to fit within the KS1, KS2 and KS3 curriculum. I can also support you by developing bespoke lessons that could be delivered at the Centre by experienced and enthusiastic teaching staff. All lessons will involve at least one partner from the Hub to allow your pupils to experience contextualised learning in an awe inspiring environment together with an inspirational employee of a world-leading STEM employer. It may even stimulate you to go back to school and develop your own lessons and link to local partners. I can support you to do this also.


The Northumberland STEM Hub is supported by the Blyth Partnership of Schools, The Dales Teaching Alliance and the Ashington Learning Partnership Trust of schools.


The regional base for the STEM Ambassador Programme (STEMNet) has moved to RTC North Ltd. I can help you with effective use of STEM Ambassadors by directly supporting the process from accessing the STEM database to the Ambassadors working effectively with your school and within your curriculum. This is always the hard part and requires time and expertise to get it right.


STEM has to utilise external funding if programmes are to be sustainable. I can support you with funding bids, guide you to appropriate funding agencies and/or link you to other agencies that might be able to help.


Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ or ‘half-days’ of support. Each day’s support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary) and a half-day costs £170. The number of days will be determined by your requirements.

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