Supporting both primary and secondary schools to make science outstanding and supporting pupil aspirations into STEM careers.


Schools Supported in the last five years.

All aspects of support for science departments is available, from subject reviews and leadership support to developing innovative curriculum and assessment to fit all phases and specifications. Outstanding teaching and impact of teaching on the progress of key pupil groups are also areas that could be developed.


Science is both a core curriculum subject and one that is vital for pupils in terms of progression and future career prospects. Good to outstanding science departments develop KS3 to effectively build upon KS2, develop key skills, such as maths and Working Scientifically, explicitly to a high level and provide the conceptual groundwork into KS4. Skills-based and contextual learning are becoming crucial elements to this Key Stage. I have considerable expertise at both secondary and primary phases and have led STEM developments across schools, Local Authorities and regional STEM hubs to great effect. I can support you to build all the elements necessary for an inspirational and aspirational platform into GCSE.


The changes to academic and vocational qualification pathways at both KS4 and 5 are far reaching and have profound effects upon pupil choices and performance outcomes. Also, the wider assessment landscape of progress and attainment 8 have changed schools focus and curriculum offer. There always seems to be fundamental change happening in science education and leaders and teachers need to feel supported and work in partnership with fellow professionals that understand the issues and can offer clear, practical solutions. I have nearly 20 years’ experience as a head of department and as a consultant supporting a wide variety of science departments to find the right path within their school context. I work with subject leaders, teachers and pupils to support change.


As an experienced teacher of science, an ex-head of department and as a science consultant, I have a background to support your department to improve in every aspect, from teaching, to curriculum, to leadership. I support middle schools, secondary schools and Colleges and have been at the heart of national policy and delivery through steering groups on assessment and curriculum. I am both a Science Teacher Leader with the Science Learning Partnership and a Triple Science Advisor enabling you to access targeted support programmes, networks and a wealth of CPD opportunities for your department. My area of expertise is supporting effective assessment, progression and skill development within the curriculum between all Key Stages and in developing STEM to effectively raise pupil aspirations for science-related careers.



Departmental review and Leadership Support


To support the process of departmental improvement, an Ofsted-style review of all aspects of leadership, systems, teaching practice, pupil learning and achievement are offered. This can be general or can be specific to a pre-identified improvement focus. Using a detailed evaluation tool, feedback can offer crucial next steps and possible solutions for the department leadership to follow up.


I have wide experience in supporting departments, in various stages of development, to improve against Ofsted criteria. One key aspect of development is leadership. Support can be offered as training on specific aspects such as effective data management and tracking, monitoring (observation, scrutiny and pupil voice), self-evaluation, strategic improvement and effectiveness, or can be part of a regular improvement cycle. Bespoke packages can be created to directly address your needs and may run together with national leadership programmes.


Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ of support. Each days’ support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary). The number of days will be determined by your requirements.



Innovative Curriculum Development


Planning support can involve a review or direct development of teaching schemes and plans as part of a wider teaching improvement cycle.


The development of conceptual threads and Science Models can support learning and provide a clear structure for curricular development between phases (particularly KS2-4). In addition, a sequential development and mapping of key skills, such as literacy, numeracy and Working Scientifically, is essential for all pupils to reach higher outcomes in the new assessment at both GCSE and A-Level. An unfocussed or disjointed approach to skill development is one of the principle barriers to pupil progress and departmental support could involve the process of dual objective planning to ensure effective skill mapping and lesson challenge.


Planning can also be targeted to boost performance of key pupil groups such as ability, gender, ethnicity or SEN. Support can involve using published research, experience and an action research model within school to identify the best delivery method. Assessment and pupil voice can be used to drive group progress and monitor effectiveness of any actions. All support can be provided through direct teacher development, training CPD or a combination of both. All of this planning is, of course, worthless unless it makes an impact with the pupils in the classroom. Trialling of new ideas together with change monitoring should be built into any curriculum improvement.


Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ of support. Each days’ support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary). The number of days will be determined by your requirements.



Effective Assessment to Support Learning


The use of the Science Assessment Board can be used across primary and KS3 to enable teachers to make formative assessment of expectation or grade within the classroom. It is designed to support the high skill-focus necessary in the early Key Stages. It can used, alongside other assessment, to monitor progress, drive improvement in lessons and can also be used to generate accurately pitched lessons. A large, and growing, number of schools in the North East of England currently use this easy-to-use resource with significant impact on pupil outcomes.


The Assessment Board is used to promote high levels of literacy, numeracy and Working Scientifically skills. It also requires pupils to be taught through conceptual Science Models. All of this will develop the effective foundations necessary for the new-style GCSE and boost outcomes to smooth the transition into numbered grades and elevated expectations.


As a consultant I am very experienced in supporting conceptual understanding and rapid progress with pupils in all Key Stages, especially at KS4 and 5. I can support your teachers to do the same and develop a highly effective formative approach to assessment within the classroom and with marking. I can help you with book scrutinies to create an effective strategy to demonstrate evidence of progress using a variety of means that saves time.


Support for the effective use of this resource within your department may involve training, demonstration and in-class support through a mentoring and coaching model of delivery. Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ or ‘half-days’ of support.


Each days’ support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary) and half-days cost £170. The number of days will be determined by your requirements.



Outstanding Teaching Development


I have a wide and varied experience of teaching improvement in line with Ofsted criteria that includes ITT, NQT, experienced teachers, and science ASTs across a range of schools, including Teaching Schools. I support teachers to consistently achieve ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ through a direct demonstration, mentoring and coaching models. To help change practice to show sustainable improvement requires time.


A package of support may include working with a number of teachers on a rolling programme of weekly support. Pupil groups may be targeted to help teachers to overcome barriers and allow pupils to achieve improved outcomes. Packages typically involve buying ‘days’ of support.


Each days support costs £340 (plus expenses if necessary). The number of days will be determined by your requirements.

Schools Supported in the last five years.

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