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Science is a core curriculum subject in all schools and is vital for the future employability of your pupils. However, it is often the subject that pupils love and teachers fear. The development of fun in both learning and teaching of science comes from a deep understanding of the underlying concepts. These conceptual building blocks are called Science Models and are not only easy to understand but they thread their way through the curriculum, linking topics together into conceptual strands … and there are only four models that cover your whole curriculum!


Teaching through Science Models not only makes even the trickiest topic easy, but supports abstract thinking and scientific language development. Pupils love learning through models because they can see the steps to excellent explanations and recognises success at each stage. Teachers love teaching through models as it builds their confidence to tackle even the hardest question from the class. All schools that I support use Science Models in their delivery with often outstanding Ofsted outcomes.


The use of Science Models and a clear understanding of the year group steps in Working Scientifically lead to an assessment system that is essentially skills-based but will naturally encourage deep learning and a mastery curriculum. The Science Assessment Board has been developed by teachers working in networks that I lead. It works, and works easily and effectively to support deep progressive learning across topic boundaries. Secure pupil outcomes are so clear that they become an integral part of the lesson challenge as objectives in their own right – a teaching process known as dual objective planning.


All of these resources and techniques have been school-trialled, developed and evaluated over many years through extremely active science coordinator networks. We are constantly modifying and developing existing strategies and embracing new ways that make our jobs easier, more effective and make learning more engaging for the pupils. All schools value their time spent at the network and are keen to collaborate to create local solutions to national requirements. You would be more than welcome to join us.


I can support you to deliver outstanding primary science teaching through demonstration, support and challenge by working directly with your staff. I can support your leadership through training, support, networking and through the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM). I am a hub leader and assessor for PSQM and also support the wider CPD delivery through national and local Science Learning Centres.


All resources used in training are provided within the cost of the package. Please see the ‘Networking’ section for more information about joining a range of networks available.



Quick-fix Science Support


This support package can get your school up and running quickly with science delivery and assessment. Training includes electronic and paper copies of the Science Assessment Board and all important resources.


Your staff will be enthused and be able to deliver science in a very effective and understandable way. They will understand how to develop Working Scientifically in a progressive way and will be more confident to develop these skills in every lesson. Assessment and performance tracking will become easy, more useful and staff will be encouraged to assess pupils formatively in lessons. All of this in as little as two weeks!


This package is a recommended first step by any school new to the teaching techniques and assessment resources.


The package includes:


• Science coordinator training (half or a full day)

• Staff twilight (1.5-2 hours) – teaching through Science Models and assessing content through Explaining Science

• Staff meeting (1-2 hours) – developing progression in Working Scientifically. Understanding year group expectations


Following this training, most schools then request Bespoke Staff Training Packages which include demonstration lessons. This allows staff to see their new learning in practice and then could be followed by more structured teacher support in the classroom.


Please click on this link to download a full support and price guide – Primary Training Packages




Staff Training Packages


These training packages typically fit into a staff meeting and can be modified to fit your needs. They build on the Basic Quick-fix Science Support and can be used to extend thinking by schools already using the techniques and resources or as top-up if it’s been a while since you last did some science training. They include resources but do not include electronic versions of the full Science Assessment Board.


The training allows you to focus in on problem areas of delivery, boost teacher expertise or take science into areas that will make your school outstanding for the subject. They include:


• Developing conceptual models in the science curriculum

• Supporting Working Scientifically in the classroom

• An introduction to science assessment

• Standardising pupil work against year group expectations

• Using assessment to support effective planning in science

• Delivering outstanding lessons in science

• Building STEM into the science curriculum

• Outdoor science – how hard can it be?

• Linking mathematics and science in the classroom

• Supporting the most able in science

• Supporting low ability / EAL groups effectively in science


Please click on this link to download a full support and price guide – Primary Training Packages




Bespoke Staff Training Packages


These packages typically fit into half days of support during teaching time. Schools can buy any number of half day blocks to meet their requirements. Packages will be developed to exactly fit your specific needs. They include all resources and development time. Opportunities could include:


• Combinations of the stand-alone staff training packages

• Science coordinator training, including observation and scrutiny support

• Planning support for individual or groups of staff

• Demonstration / team-teaching and evaluation

• Subject and /or phase review and feedback (including PSQM support)


The most common support that schools request is a half/full day of demonstration lessons to allow staff the opportunity to see techniques in practice and support their assessment of their classes. Most schools request this support following initial training such as the Quick-fix Science Support.


Please click on this link to download a full support and price guide – Primary Training Packages




Full Day Staff Training Block – Effective Curriculum Delivery and Assessment in Science


This package could be used to fill a teacher training day in schools that are new to the techniques or those that are able to move on to embed outstanding science practice across the whole school. The training package will be bespoke to your needs and will use elements of all the training packages available.


Please click on this link to download a full support and price guide – Primary Training Packages

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